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Admin Application  "EnAnAmE" Empty Admin Application "EnAnAmE"

Post  ToBacCo Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:09 pm

Your name: Nikolas

Age: 16

Your country: Greece

Occupation: Student

Spoken languages: GR,EN.FR

Battle.Net Account:EnAnAmE

Former experience and/or safelisted channels: RGC,PVPGN EuroBattlenet,Europe,123

Your activity and average playtime each week: Almost everyday

Which time of the day you usually play: Evenings

How long you have been playing DotA: 3 Years

Your ability to communicate with others: Excellent

Have you read the rules and agree to follow them? Yes

How do you react/behave when you're under pressure? Calmy

Do you have any problems in listening/following your superior's orders? (according to ranks) No

Is there anyone who can vouch for you? wezC_ sighin. Ta_Le_Ga_Me

Willing to discuss your application on Ventrilo?(optional)
Why should we pick you and what can you offer to us: Giati eimai aksiopisto atomo,tha prospathisw na kanw kala games xwris leavers kai xwris askopa bans...

A few things about yourself: Asxoloume me polemikes texnes(Jiu jitsu,Cee kun do,Ni ju tsu) paizw basket kai skopevw na perasw sthn sxolh mousikologias sthn kerkyra!


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Admin Application  "EnAnAmE" Empty Welcome!!!

Post  Dark)MagiCiaN Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:24 pm

Parakalo Na Diavastoun Kala Ta Rules.

Admin Application Accepted
Topic Closed.

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