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admin applc AgainstTheRuleZ

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admin applc AgainstTheRuleZ

Post  Dang3rFTW on Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:41 pm


Your country:gr


Spoken languages:Battle.Net Account:elihnika,aglika

Former experience and/or safelisted channels:garena

Your activity and average playtime each week:35

Which time of the day you usually play:apogeuma

How long you have been playing DotA:3 xronia

Your ability to communicate with others:mporw na epikoinwnw eukola pisteuyw kai me megali psixremia

Have you read the rules and agree to follow them?nai kai sumfonw apoluta mazi tous.

How do you react/behave when you're under pressure?polu psixrema kai dn neuriazw sxedon pote.

Do you have any problems in listening/following your superior's orders? (according to ranks).apolutws kanena

Is there anyone who can vouch for you?Dang3rFTW,mzhagc,strimila kai para polous akoma

Willing to discuss your application on Ventrilo?(optional)
Why should we pick you and what can you offer to us:giati pisteuw oti mporw na voithisw polu sti clan kai stin euresi newn melwn ka8ws mpenw ka8e mera kai sumetexw polu energa..

A few things about yourself:eima ma8hths 1hs lukeiou,eime apo larissa.



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Re: admin applc AgainstTheRuleZ

Post  Dark)MagiCiaN on Tue May 03, 2011 3:38 pm

[AgainstTheRuleZ], 34 DotA games here (W/L: 16/18). Hero K/D/A: 196/205/259 (5.76/6.03/7.62). Creep K/D/N: 1890/56/665 (55.59/1.65/19.56). T/R/C: 29/14/0.

Admin Application Accepted
Parakalo na diavastoun ta rules kai ta commands
Topic Closed.

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